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'Spring is South Gippsland' is an information schedule of open gardens, flower shows, community garden walks and all things horticultural, that take place during the entire spring season, roughly between the Leongatha Daffodil Show in August and Rose Show in November.

The seed idea of promoting everything, including the natural landscape and local gardening businesses, under one big umbrella, arose from a recent Leongatha Rose Spectacular which was very successfully linked to an out-of-town open garden at Mt. Eccles. A new look for both venues and an efficient approach to promotion.

Three RHSV members, Fran Grylls, South Gippsland Regional President; Sue Thompson, President of Leongatha Horticultural Society, and Lillian Brittain of LHS and Rose Show Committee, plus Rob Hicks, multi-media designer, formed a working group to follow up on this concept. They developed and refined their ideas throughout 2015, and incorporated  lots of welcome input from others.

Building on the promotion always needed for shows, they brought in several other events, like open garden activities. Loch Village Garden Festival 2015 worked with The Leongatha Rose Spectacular in a new and successful joint venture. Some incipient events were confirmed because there was the prospect of promotional support.

The first Spring of Spring is South Gippsland had a listing of in a brochure and on its own website:

The project is still very much a work in progress. A brochure and a well publicised launch led into the website.

With the website now well established, Spring is South Gippsland will be able to grow, with links in directions as yet unforeseen. Maybe a complete regional compendium of everything horticultural?  Click here for the latest update?

Spring is South Gippsland - a 'Blooming' idea...