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Some gardeners will remember Ian Dyson who passed away suddenly almost 3 years ago. Ian was an active member of both the bulb group and the Victorian daffodil society and a passionate daffodil breeder. He was enthusiastic about encouraging growers and exhibitors and a generous contributor to community projects, in short he was a thoroughly nice person. Every year he hand pollinated hundreds of daffodil blooms and raised the resulting thousands of seeds. After his sudden death, his wife Joy didn't wish to continue with his daffodils, so the Victorian Daffodil Society acquired them.

After two years hard work, first moving the thousands of pots, taking the bulbs out of the pots and then writing the tags and planting them over a two year period, they are now all safely in the ground. Although some of the seedlings are still too young to flower, this year should see the flowering of some unseen seedlings.

Ian crossed all sorts of daffodils including decorative types and jonquils but his main focus was trying to breed a daffodil with a pink perianth as well as a pink cup. There are people all over the world trying for this breakthrough in daffodil breeding but Ian thought he was getting close, this is one reason that we felt compelled to make sure that his hard work was not lost.

Last year we had a bloom with a slight pink flush to the perianth and this year we are hoping for more. Maybe there will be one with a stronger colour,  the joy of breeding flowers is that you never know.


Daffodil Patch

Ian Dyson's bulbs before planting at the patch