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Well …. if it's the Loch Post Office Rose, maybe not.

When the Rose Show committee decided on this well-known, local rose as Feature Rose for the 2015 Leongatha Rose Spectacular, we did not know that things were not quite as they seemed.

The name had been mentioned when we were deciding on our first 'Feature Rose'

in 2013. That year we decided on Tilly Aston, and in 2014 a double feature of

Monty's Tea rose and Red Cross, for the Centenary. Good choices: logical and neat.

Now, on to the 2015 story. Several people around Leongatha had the Loch Post Office Rose in their gardens. The committee easily collected suckers to grow on to sell and display, with the prospect of plenty of flowers at show time. All that needed to be done was to confirm the name of the rose.

Did we succeed? Well yes and no.

Innumerable interesting hours of research ensued, including a visit to the Post Office while on a bus trip. The new owners of the Post Office property very kindly chased up likely Loch people - with some positive results. Members of the now extinct South Gippsland Heritage Rose Society (several of whom are actively involved with the Rose Spectacular) provided a lot of reliable-looking information. There was much more to all the information gathering, and the – I really can't say final – result goes something like this.

Some time before 1991 a lady from Loch took a sample of a rose from the Loch Post Office garden to the Leongatha Rose Show. She did not know its name so she labelled it – yes- Loch Post Office Rose. Several workers at the show took cuttings home to try to grow, and Loch Post Office Rose took root with great enthusiasm and was given around to a number of other rose enthusiasts.

It may be noted at this point that there are three shrub roses growing along the fence line of the old Post Office narrow front garden. Rosa rugosa at the far end, then a lovely old Veilchenblau entwined in the fence. Around the corner on the main street is the remnant of our Loch Post Office Rose. This one though, according to a competent person with very strong conviction, is actually not the Loch Post Office Rose! It used to grow against the wall!

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