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Poowong Sculpture Park

Nyora-Poowong Road, on the western end of Poowong

Cypress trees once stood on the area now referred to as the Sculpture Park which offers amazing views across the Bass Valley.  The cypress trees were planted for Arbor Day by school students in the mid 1930's.  The siding was created as a turning circle for school buses.  As time went by the trees began to drop limbs so the Council cut the trees down, but for financial reasons left three large stumps.   In 2004 Rowan Douglas and Dean Smith were commissioned by the Council to sculpt a magpie and an early settler respectively from the stumps at either end of the Sculpture Park.  The magpie has since been moved to the Main Street entrance of the Poowong Football club reserve.  In 2005 the community received a grant to further enhance the site and decided to commission selected artist, Ken Blum of Baxter to undertake three more sculptures (to utilise the remaining logs).  It was decided the three new pieces would be of livestock (ewe, lamb, sow and piglets and a cow) which are intended to complement the theme of early settler and his dog as well as the pioneering days and the importance of agriculture to the Poowong area of South Gippsland.